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The Pause Legacy - Chapter 27: She Says That I Am The One, But The Kid Is Not My Son
Edmund Shocked
Hellooo again. Today I want to needlessly rant. A friend gave me a plethora of old Douglas Adams recordings which are fantastic, but when saved to my computer, all media players list them as Rihanna albums! Get outta my computer Rihanna. I just want to hear Douglas Adams talk about Kakapos in peace.

Aside from that, yay new chapter! :D

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The Downloads section is finally up to date. You can grab a yummy Coil, Beatrix or even an Evan ;D

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The Pause Legacy - Chapter 26: Paint Harder, I Can Still Hear Them!
Edmund Shocked
Allo again :D  I have not much to say today. To the chapter!

The Pause Legacy - Chapter 25: Run Rabbit Run Rabbit Run Run Run
Edmund Shocked
Hi everyone. I hope you enjoyed your Australia Day. I spent mine outside in the sun listening to Triple J's hottest 100 and yelling at the radio about the position of songs. So a good day :D

On a sadder note, my game had recently become unbearable to play and had to delete nearly a gig worth of CC for it to run smoothly :( So long 500meg of hair and other useless clutter that I liked so much.  Of course, straight after doing that I was online downloading new patterns. I can't help myself!

The Pause Legacy - Generation 6 Heir Poll
Edmund Shocked
Choose your Pause under the cut :D

Cut This PauseCollapse )
 Pause Legacy Generation 6 Heir Poll 
Selection Votes 
Mallorie 36%13 
Beatrix 17%
Coil 42%15 
Carousel 6%
36 votes total

The Pause Legacy - Chapter 24: This Is Not A Dream
Edmund Shocked
Hello and a happy belated new year to you all :D There is an exciting heir poll after the chapter horray!


The Pause Legacy - Chapter 23: Go Forth And Bring Back Lots More...Minty Things
Edmund Shocked
Oh hi :D I have three day weekend, so I'm milking it for all it's worth. Tasty updates :D (Plus Gorillaz concert tomorrow! YAY!!!!!!!)


The Pause Legacy - Chapter 22: Something In The Water
Edmund Shocked
Work work, eat, sleep, die, work, die. SIMS!, work, sleep, work die. DEAD RISING 2!!! (actually replace sleep with dead rising 2 lol)

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The Pause Legacy - Chapter 21: I Am Secretly Judging You
Edmund Shocked
Got a whole lot of pictures ready to go so the next chapter should be out very soon :D

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Another alternative title cover to amuse one's self (mostly me)

I also finally updated the DOWNLOAD A PAUSE page so grab yourself a tasty Jedda or Archer mebbe?


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